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John Holt

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John Holt is a widely published writer, art educationalist and founder of a national arts and mental health charity AiM (Artists in Mind).

John's recent work resonates with the spirit of "flow and fluidity". "My interest in "flow" relates to my immersion in the flow of creative thought and its influence on health, happiness and well being, both psychological and physical."

Yet it is being in nature that he find the language of his "flow" work. The flowing of rivers, streams, clouds and the lapping of the ocean onto the shore; waterfalls and fountains all indicate the power of water to adapt and change as it meanders or powers in its cyclical nature. 

Combining the process of ceramics, drawing in clay, firing and adding oxides, colour slips and transparent glazes together with pastel drawings and paintings, his explorations of flow occur using the solidity of fired clay to the fluidity of pastel and paint. "When I work I allow the materials to "flow" just as the ideas, drawn from nature flow from my experiences. The coastal landscapes of North Norfolk are a particular inspiration to me. The meandering lines of the erosion of the muddy channels of river beds to the constants of the tidal wave flows onto the beach, the ever changing skies and the snaking through the landscape of rivers and streams."

From small scale works to large complex installations, John's work is a constant investigation of the nature of flow and fluidity in nature and in the human experience.