New Studios – available soon

We are pleased to announce that two new studio/workshop spaces are rapidly approaching completion. The spaces are approximately 150 square feet, self-contained, lockable and with their own metered power supply. Both units benefit from 24/7 access and are situated on the first floor where there are extremely high ceilings with lots of natural light from the large mill windows and north facing rooflights.

These units are offered on a long-term lease and have been designed to allow emerging artists a more affordable space to build their career from. We look forward to applications from recent graduates and emerging artists with drive and creative vision from any discipline that can reasonably be achieved in the available space.

We encourage applications from all backgrounds and communities as we are committed to having a studio that is made up of diverse skills, experiences, and abilities. (Note: we are based within an old building which is still being developed and there remain some barriers to access for those with limited mobility)

Please send expressions of interest, a brief statement regarding your expectations and predicted outcomes from a studio space along with a link to an online portfolio/website to

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Artist’s Residency at Prehistoric Site

John Holt, one of the artists at Sculpture Lounge has been invited by the management team at Creswell Crags Museum and Prehistoric Gorge to become its “Artist in Residence”.

Creswell Crags is an internationally significant limestone gorge honeycombed with caves that provides a fascinating glimpse of life rock art in Britain. The cliffs in the ravine contain several caves that were occupied during the last ice age, between around 43,000 and 10,000 years ago. Its caves contain the northernmost cave art in Europe. Hundreds of protective marks, also known as Witches Marks, have also been discovered at Creswell Crags. This is believed to be the largest collection ever found in the UK.

Academic and TV presenter, Professor Ronald Hutton, an authority on folklore, said:
“Creswell Crags has already amazed the twenty-first century with its revelations of Palaeolithic designs. Now it does so again with a fresh one of medieval and early modern ritual protection marks on a huge scale, making a very important contribution, at a stroke, to one of the most significant current areas of new scholarly research.”

John will make a series of new ceramic sculptures and a series of large drawings inspired by the cave art and the landscape of Creswell and the Witches Marks found in the caves at Creswell which will be exhibited alongside the historical finds from the caves at the Study Centre.

He will also conduct workshops and give a series of online talks on “The Power of Symbolism”. This work will all be made in his studio at The Sculpture Lounge.


Delays Delays Delays

When a workshop space became available early this year the newest initiates to the Sculpture Lounge family Julia Brown and Damon Price had planned to be in and making work in the studio that they will be sharing – circumstances had a different idea as Julia explains below…

“Moving into a studio at the Sculpture Lounge has been a surprisingly difficult affair. With the spaces much in demand, Damon has been on the waiting list for over two years. So you can imagine how overjoyed we were when the opportunity finally presented itself in February. But frustratingly, we’re still not quite in yet. Smack bang in the middle of painting the walls and floors, upgrading the lighting to LED, and then moving our stuff into the newly brightened space, Covid-19 swept the county and Lockdown happened.

Reasoning it would be safer to hang fire and keep our equipment at home—currently overflowing from our packed garage—our lovely new studio still needs christening. We are getting there though.As the lockdown restrictions on travel are starting to ease, I’ve finally been able to order and install a big new glass palette. We’re getting work benches, storage and furniture in, and soon we’ll be able to get our kit in and start working.I feel lucky I’ve been able to fit my painting work into our conservatory (no 6ft canvases though) because it’s kept me sane throughout the last 8 weeks. I think I would’ve gone nuts if I hadn’t been able to paint. And Damon has managed to grit his teeth at the lack of space and sculpt in the garage, between planning a new self-built furnace so he can do bigger, more efficient bronze pours more safely.

We’re both over the moon to be part of the Sculpture Lounge family—and we’re excited to take advantage of the fantastic new space and get stuck into tons of new work.”


Jamie Frost – Press Coverage

Sculpture Lounge’s own Jamie Frost was recently interviewed at the Sculpture Lounge by The Yorkshire Post.
Though he might look a bit serious in this picture he really enjoyed the experience and the results are a fascinating read – the interview can be found here


Lockdown Creatives

Despite the lockdown of recent weeks we have had some wonderful insights into the creativity that can occur when artists draw on their inner resourcefulness. Paul of Pendula Cashmere has written this wonderful piece about his process and how he’s adapted to the changes:

“I have been learning to Sprang. Which is a finger weaving technique that dates back to the Vikings and possibly the Egyptians. The resulting fabrication is one that is very stretchy and open in one direction and can be used for all types of garments or accessories. There are good YouTube tutorials, but I have made the perfect frame to make small pieces of sprang. Two side pieces with a fixed dowel cross piece and at the other end of the side pieces, there are grooves to enable adjustments to tension as the weaving progresses and the threads tighten up.

I have also discovered that the gorgeous sheep and lambs in the field outside my house belong my next door but one neighbour and she is letting me have some wool from the sheep to spin into yarn so I can make from sheep to fabric. Been getting the old spinning wheel spruced up ready to get to work. Big learning curve ahead…attached are pictures of the sheep, spinning wheel, the sprang frame and a bit of woven sprang fabric.”

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COVID-19 announcement

In light of the current health emergency Holmbridge Mill, is temporarily closed to visitors.

Courses and classes are cancelled or postponed for the immediate future (please contact the event organiser for further information)

Studio holders may still access their workshops for work which cannot be completed at home (maintaining social distancing measures whilst in the building) so we continue to be productive in our isolation.

Stay in touch we`ll let you know as soon as we’re ready to received guests again to see you all again.

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Sculpture Lounge – a limited company

We are pleased to announce the incorporation of Sculpture Lounge as a limited company. Many of you will know that Sculpture Lounge is a long running project with amazing potential and now with appointed directors we are really excited to expand on these possibilities.

Founder, Brendan Hesmondhalgh is joined by studio residents David Fulford and Jamie Frost and we have begun an ambitious programme of improvements at the studios.

Sculpture Lounge has always been blessed to be supported by incredible ‘can do’ individuals. This new formal structure, sustained by a commitment from the new directors to devote significant time from their own creative practice will enable more strategic and successful developments.

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Invitation – Sculpture Lounge Christmas Art Show 2019

Our gallery space will be filled with more dazzling inventions from our resident artists along with works from specially invited guests.

With artwork and gifts to suit all budgets it’s the perfect place to find a present for the art lovers in your life.

We look forward to seeing you on the 7th and 8th of December between 10am and 5pm.


Specially invited guest artist

As part of our Holmfrith Artweek exhibition we welcome specially invited guest artist Don Fisher, a former teacher of CDT at Holmfirth High School.

Since his retirement Don has been a regular and welcomed visitor to Sculpture Lounge. A talented artist and draughtsman in his own right, we are proud to display a selection of drawings from his previously unseen portfolio.

Having encouraged his students for many years we are really pleased to now give Don a platform for his own creative endeavours.



Holmfirth Artweek – Our Summer Exhibition

Exhibition July 6th – 13th, 10am – 5pm

As the largest fringe venue of Holmfirth Artweek, Sculpture Lounge plan to push the boat out once again:

Our exhibition space will be filled with work from both our resident artists and specially invited guests, there will be food, drinks and entertainment during the opening weekend and the individual studios are open to visitors from Monday 8th – Saturday 13th

Preview Night

Friday 5th July, 6pm – 10pm
Live music from the Plummer Drummer, bar & canapés
(Please park in Holmbridge Village Hall carpark)

Sunday Social

Sunday 7th, 10am – 5pm
Coffee, Cake & Live Music
(other drinks also available)

Holmfirth Artweek is a fundraising event. A commission of 20% is charged on sales with all proceeds being donated to Macmillan Cancer Support.