Delays Delays Delays

When a workshop space became available early this year the newest initiates to the Sculpture Lounge family Julia Brown and Damon Price had planned to be in and making work in the studio that they will be sharing – circumstances had a different idea as Julia explains below…

“Moving into a studio at the Sculpture Lounge has been a surprisingly difficult affair. With the spaces much in demand, Damon has been on the waiting list for over two years. So you can imagine how overjoyed we were when the opportunity finally presented itself in February. But frustratingly, we’re still not quite in yet. Smack bang in the middle of painting the walls and floors, upgrading the lighting to LED, and then moving our stuff into the newly brightened space, Covid-19 swept the county and Lockdown happened.

Reasoning it would be safer to hang fire and keep our equipment at home—currently overflowing from our packed garage—our lovely new studio still needs christening. We are getting there though.As the lockdown restrictions on travel are starting to ease, I’ve finally been able to order and install a big new glass palette. We’re getting work benches, storage and furniture in, and soon we’ll be able to get our kit in and start working.I feel lucky I’ve been able to fit my painting work into our conservatory (no 6ft canvases though) because it’s kept me sane throughout the last 8 weeks. I think I would’ve gone nuts if I hadn’t been able to paint. And Damon has managed to grit his teeth at the lack of space and sculpt in the garage, between planning a new self-built furnace so he can do bigger, more efficient bronze pours more safely.

We’re both over the moon to be part of the Sculpture Lounge family—and we’re excited to take advantage of the fantastic new space and get stuck into tons of new work.”