Featured Artist – June

Jamie Frost is a figurative sculptor and draughtsman who was recently awarded membership of the Royal Society of Sculptors. Last year he completed a major group of works for an exhibition which is now touring. The Way of All Flesh consists of three large sculptures carved from Oak, Ash and Holly, along with nearly seventy smaller works and drawings. The tour opened in Halifax last summer and it has made appearances in Manchester, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Nottingham and London. You can see the collection, including many new pieces of work, at Astley Hall in Chorley from 13th July- 1st Sept this summer.

Jamie spent the earlier part of his career making work in various media, but was particularly drawn to the rhythms and pace of carving. After many years carving stone he received a gift of some wood carving gouges and was seduced. He began creating portraits from large pieces of elm which won acclaim, making regular appearances with the Society of Portrait Sculptors.

Jamie joined the Sculpture Lounge 6 years ago and, encouraged by his new studio mates, developed some ceramic pieces. The relative speed of the material allowed Jamie to elevate his portraiture into figurative work, resulting in a large commission for a private client. The work came full circle as he brought his new understanding of the figure to the carved wooden sculptures in his exhibition.

All of Jamie’s work is figurative. Human shapes speak simply of humanity. His sculptures may be splintered, sawn or split, yet there’ll always be a beady eye or a delicately placed hand carved among the splinters.

‘I want to make connections with my work, the shape of an eyelid can make all the difference. I’ve learnt to trust in an emotional state and be led towards the incremental changes that affect an artwork’s power. I love the qualities of wood when it is worked viciously- split, cleaved, dented and splintered, particularly alongside delicate sculpted forms. It’s a material of superb contrasts which can also be shaped with tenderness, revealing it’s vulnerability.’

During our exhibition for Holmfirth Artweek Jamie will be exhibiting drawings from The Way of All Flesh. You will also be able to see, for the first time, works on paper from his new project Modulus of Rupture.

Jamie is one of the teaching artists here at the Sculpture Lounge see more. He leads a small number of short courses and is also very involved with the tuition of local people on a weekly basis.