James Oughtibridge

James Oughtibridge

The monumental forms of James Oughtibridge look as though they have been forged by nature itself. Highly organic and capturing a strong sense of movement, smooth curves suddenly transform into sharp ridges. The peaks and troughs, as though formed by erosive forces, provide stark contrast between light and shade. This is very much reflective of Oughtibridge’s environment-the dramatic Yorkshire Pennine landscape that surrounds his studio at the Sculpture Lounge.

James Oughtibridge is a highly skilled practitioner and has been teaching adults since 2001.
His exciting courses and masterclasses are suitable for a range of abilities from beginner to a more confident artist. Class sizes are limited, to ensure a personal touch and productive group dynamic. More details can be found on James` website.

Phone: +44 (0)7880 967 343

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