Lockdown Creatives

Despite the lockdown of recent weeks we have had some wonderful insights into the creativity that can occur when artists draw on their inner resourcefulness. Paul of Pendula Cashmere has written this wonderful piece about his process and how he’s adapted to the changes:

“I have been learning to Sprang. Which is a finger weaving technique that dates back to the Vikings and possibly the Egyptians. The resulting fabrication is one that is very stretchy and open in one direction and can be used for all types of garments or accessories. There are good YouTube tutorials, but I have made the perfect frame to make small pieces of sprang. Two side pieces with a fixed dowel cross piece and at the other end of the side pieces, there are grooves to enable adjustments to tension as the weaving progresses and the threads tighten up.

I have also discovered that the gorgeous sheep and lambs in the field outside my house belong my next door but one neighbour and she is letting me have some wool from the sheep to spin into yarn so I can make from sheep to fabric. Been getting the old spinning wheel spruced up ready to get to work. Big learning curve ahead…attached are pictures of the sheep, spinning wheel, the sprang frame and a bit of woven sprang fabric.”