Michael Disley

Michael Disley

Michael has worked in stone, granite, and marble for more than thirty years. He has over a hundred commissioned works on public view in the UK, Ireland, and The Far East, and work in many public and private collections.

He has worked as a stonemason in Chester, lived and carved alongside the Shona carvers of Zimbabwe and carved marble in Japan. Recently he has worked in Jaipur carving sandstone, and in Xiamen in China, making large granite pieces for commissions.

His bas-relief trees are carved from marble sourced from around the world and celebrate the stunning beauty of the materials: each one is unique as no two pieces of marble are the same.

He exhibits widely across the UK, and his outdoor carving studio for the last twenty years has been at Appleton Quarry in The Peak District.

He has run ‘School Of Rock’ stone carving workshops for over twenty years teaching thousands of first time carvers the craft of stone carving.

Telephone: +44 (0)7961 858 208


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