My work placement at Sculpture Lounge

For my work placement I shadowed skilled joiner and craftsman, Allan Robinson for a week.

Initially, I didn’t realise that my placement with Allan’s business ‘The Secret Shed Company’ is only one alongside many others within in a thriving design community at the Sculpture Lounge in Holmbridge.

Normally, Allan is busy building bespoke shed and garden buildings but early in July Holmfirth hosts Artwork and annual event which raises money for charity.

In the build up to Artweek, Sculpture Lounge prepare their venue (one of many across Holmfirth) and even though each individual business has their own work to complete, everyone pulls together to make the studio ready for the public.

To contribute to the Art week, I and Allan designed and made a bar. This was made completely from scrap materials that were existent in the building. This kept an original, rustic aesthetic to the bar, cementing its’ place as a useful piece of furniture for the week.

I’ve had a great week, the mood within the building can only be described as warm and friendly and I can’t wait to see the exhibition in full flow.