Paul Myall

Paul Myall

Paul Myall – Pendula Cashmere Co. Ltd. uses traditional weaving techniques and machines to produce fabrics such as; 100% Cashmere, Silk and Vicuna, for apparel, scarves, stoles and accessories. The company draws on the expertise of a local yarn spinner, established 1766, excellent cloth finishers in Huddersfield and 40 years design and product development experience gained whilst working in the weaving industry.

The looms used are C.1920’s Hattersley Domestic pedal driven looms. A handful of these looms are still in use on the Isle of Harris to weave Harris tweed, but are being replaced with modern machines. The gentle action of these looms is perfect for the process of weaving yarns comprising the most delicate, finest and most luxurious fibres, into the highest quality fabrics, each item being unique and produced in such a way as to enhance the natural luxury attributable to these beautiful fibres of Silk, Cashmere and Vicuna.

Phone: +44 (0)7486 236 918

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