Gail Dooley

Gail Dooley


Gail Dooley – “I try to give my sculptures personalities of their own and let them speak for themselves”.

After many years working as both a sign writer and antiques restorer in London Gail went on to complete a ceramics degree in 2000. She also worked and lived in Guernsey and a deep engagement with the sea and its creatures, together with her previous work experience, has gone some way in influencing her sculpture. A series of ceramic mirrors, some of which have appeared both in the House and Gardens magazine and the World of Interiors, are testimony to this. She joined the Sculpture Lounge in 2012.

Gail creates large and small scale ceramic sculptures. Some aspects of her work are of a serious nature concerning conservation and the survival of the animal kingdom, others appear more light-hearted. All of it reflects the importance of our fellow creatures.

“It is to charge all things you fashion with a breath of your own spirit”

Kahlil Gibran (from The Prophet) 
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