Jamie Frost

Jamie Frost

Sculptor & draughtsman

Jamie Frost MRSS is a figurative sculptor and draughtsman, driven by the relationship between material, subject matter and audience. He has a particular interest in body language and is noted for his portraiture.

Jamie currently makes sculptures in wood, considering the many ways in which it can be handled. Works are split, sawn, shattered, wedged, but also delicately carved. Varied processes allow him to carefully ‘tune’ the pose, stature, gesture and expressions toward a strong sense of emotional content reflecting shared human narratives.

‘Wood has endured so many varied insults at our hands and is undeniably corporeal. It’s possible to make statements about how we treat each other by exploring what we do to a material which has a sense of life and vulnerability. We rely on muscle memory to perform actions. Perhaps it follows that a certain amount of emotional memory might be required in the making of art, to draw upon a recollection of things felt.’

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