‘Untamed Ring 2’ Oxidised


Plus postage & packaging

Solid 925 Silver

Ring size S

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Further Information

This ring has broken texture with cluster feature at the top, a perfect everyday ring.

The untamed collection is named after the process in which it’s made, Libby uses electroforming, a process where an electrolytic bath is used to deposit metal, changing the electrical current to create clusters and texture. How libby uses the process is often unpredictable, creating objects with an untamed finish.

Libby’s design approach is based on experimental methodologies, she has a passion for juxtaposing unusual and an unexpected mix of materials using a myriad of making processes, to create thought provoking jewellery. The tactile nature of Libby’s work aims to connect people with textures and revaluate how they perceive preciousness through materials. Her range consists of brooches, rings, and necklaces all combined with precious metals.