Damon Price

Damon Price

Sculptor & Bronze Casting Foundry and Services

Damon Price is a contemporary figurative sculptor, with a passion for conveying energy, tension and movement in his pieces.

Human forms and wildlife feature heavily in his work, and he aims to capture the spirit and essence of each subject he sculpts, employing both clay and the lost wax method.

His wax pieces make the most of the ‘lost wax’ method, creating one-off sculptures with unique and beautiful surface characteristics.
Working in clay has a different ‘feel’, its soft pliability allows a more immediate, expressive way of working.

Transforming a sculpture into bronze is an age-old method that takes time and many different skills.

He sees through his entire creative process from start to finish by not only sculpting, but then moulding, casting, and finally patinating and finishing the pieces himself.

Damon also provides a full or partial foundry and casting service for other artists. Including, wax sculpture and reproduction, ceramic shell, casting and chasing and patination/finishing.

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