Mick Kirkby-Geddes

Mick Kirkby-Geddes


Mick’s big revelation occurred at art college – the materials budget ran out so if he wanted to make metal sculpture, he had to find the metal.

He realised it was everywhere – in skips, on waste ground, people were giving it away. He’s never looked back and now 30 years later, as a professional sculptor he still makes sculpture primarily using found metal. He welds it together with new metal, transforms it and gives it a new lease of life. Influenced by cartoons, comics and children’s books, his work usually has a touch of humour.

He makes sculpture for indoors and outdoors, does private commissions as well as large public art pieces, exhibits in galleries, works in schools and with adults. ‘It’s rewarding working with people, explaining what I do as an artist, showing them my work and then helping them to create something of their own’.

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