Tristram Thirkell

Tristram Thirkell

Metal Sculptor

Tristram is a metal worker. His interests are in the aesthetic of movement, Bauhaus, and anything written by Clive James (of which he has read but a fraction) or anything rendered by Theo Van Doesburg.

He has a life-long obsession with the right angle.

He studied furniture in London where he was introduced to the Bauhaus, Constructivism and the early 20th century.

The Barcelona Pavilion by Mies Van de Rhoe is the Alpha Omega for him.

His work is largely abstract, ranging from busts to animal figurines. The recent animal forms have allowed him to explore physical movement and how it is conveyed.

“I am enraptured by the possibilities of working in metal. The ability to capture moments of movement and allow oneself to change the perspective by walking round the piece”.

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